The Prince’s Poison Cup – R.C. Sproul

The Prince’s Poison cup, by R.C. Sproul  is not marketed as an Easter book, but it sure is a perfect book for Easter time.  If you are looking for something that is religious without being cheesy; Not too detailed and not shallow either, then this is your book. (These are kind of hard to find by the way)



This story is about a King and his son.  The King was called the king of life because he made everything and everyone in Prince's Poison Cuphis city.  In the center there is a fountain that the king told his people not to drink from.  Eventually, they are convinced to drink by the king’s archenemy who tells them the water is wonderful and good.  The people drink and, their hearts turn to stone- not wanting to be near the king at all.  Because of that, they build their own city away from the king. The king asks his son to help save their people.  He asks him to take the golden cup and go to the city of Man and drink from a fountain at the center of it that is filled with poison.

PPC-2The son obeys his father, though he is sad along the way, even being taunted by the people and hit with some rocks.  He drinks from the fountain like his father asks and dies from the horrible poison.   The king of life then comes and saves his son and the poison fountain turns to clear wonderful water.  The Prince offers this water to “anyone who is thirsty”, and some people whose hearts were changed by what the prince did, drink.  (starting with an adorable brave little boy)


This book points to Jesus in super obvious ways, but is also fresh and un-memorized for kids.  My oldest guesses “Jesus” for most questions she doesn’t know the right answer to so this is a good thing for us.  I think kids can relate to tasting yucky things, so the idea of drinking poison is something they understand and relate to more than what Jesus went through.  The book is beautiful to look at, and interesting for both parents and kids and makes its way into our reading routine around this time each year.

  • Author: R.C. Sproul
  • Illustrator: Justin Gerard
  • ISBN: 1-56769-104-8
  • Copyright: 2008
  • Publisher: Reformation Trust


Good news! You can watch a video of RC Sproul reading the story HERE.

Disclaimer: I purchased this book with my own money.